From the Beginning

Since it's inception in 1964, Kearny Steel Container has converted over one billion  pounds of steel, and over 247 million pounds of plastic, from landfill bound  used containers, into reusable, recycled material. 

Every day, KSC collects and reduces over 100 tons of steel and plastic to reusable resources, which would otherwise be committed to filling up leaking, difficult to manage landfills.



Our Continued Focus

As our Family continues to grow, more and more of our managers and employees are both living and bringing up their families right here in Newark, N.J.


Giving back to the community that has supported our company for so many years is important to us.  Community outreach and partnering with the City of Newark will remain an important focus as we look to the future.


Kearny Steel Container has for decades continued to work on improving it's production methods and operations that are environmentally sound and help protect the world we live in.







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