Reconditioned Drums That Give Your Organization an Advantage

With the ever-growing competitive global market, it is more important than ever to have cost-effective, quality container management. 


Kearny Steel Container's reconditioned drums are used by companies worldwide to transprot everything from chemicals to food.  We are your single source for ally of your containter needs... including quality steel drum and pail reconditioning and new steel, fiber and plastic containers.


Kearny Steel Container prides itself as being one of the top reconditioners nationwide.  Our reconditioned drums are restored to like-new condition – and are thoroughly tested and inspected for complete reliability.  Kearny Steel Container is also fully capable of disposing of all unreconditionable containers, regardless of size or type.


Convenience and Peace of Mind

We will make pick-ups and deliveries in as little as 24 to 48 hours.  Using a state-of-the-art system, each drum is fully reconditioned in compliance with all your requirements, specifications and industry standards.

Kearny Steel Container can also dispose of empty containers that can’t be reconditioned, but can be recycled, including cleaning and preparation for scrapping.  Our company is fully insured and meets all environmental standards.


The Reconditioning Process


For years Kearny Steel has been an innovator in drum reconditioning.  Each drum is sorted according to condition and type and containers are live-flamed furnaced to oxidize residues and all remaining paint and residue are removed. The final reconditioning steps include restoring each drum to their original shape, chimes are straightened to their original appearance and quality and potential leaks and detected through a pressurized wire.

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