Steel Pails

Steel Pails are available in a wide variety of Applications, including Chemicals, Edible Oils, Lubricants, Hi-tech/Hi-solids Coatings, Roofing Mastics and Adhesives, Railroad Spikes, Driveway Sealers, etc.


Interior Pail Linings

Full range of phenolic and epoxy/phenolic linings provide protection across a broad range. Unlined pails can be treated with a Rust Inhibitor.


Special Features

  • UN certifications for a wide range of products are readily available.Non-certified pails are also available.
  • Full lithography available for bodies and covers.Black, dark gray and light gray are standard colors.
  • Covers for openhead pails are packed 36 per carton or bulk palletized.

Packing Information

Pails are stacked on corrugated trays. The complete unit is then strapped for shipment.

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