Plastic Pails

Plastic Open Head Pails are available in a wide variety of Applications, including Paints, Inks, Chemicals, Edible Oils, Foods and Flavorings, Lubricants, Hi-Tech Coatings, Hi-Solid Coatings, Roofing Mastics and Adhesives and Driveway Sealers.



High Stack, Tear Skirt, UN Standard, Lightweight, Short Skirt, High Viscosity, Additional Covers Available


Special Features

Pails are manufactured from FDA approved high density polyethylene.

All Covers are available with openings to accommodate a variety of clinch-on, molded-in or push-in fi ttings or screw cap.

Plastic and metal handles available for most sizes.Pails easily de-nest for either an automated or manually operated line.


Standard color

  • White, natural and other colors available.Decorations, instructions, restrictions, and cautions can be applied by PE sleeve, offset printing,silk screen, print label or hot stamp.
  • Custom colors are available as is six-color offset printing.Child warning label hot stamped on each pail.
  • Non-certified tear tab covers are available as a solid cover or with a rieke pull spout fi tting, tint plug or 70mm screw cap.All containers are reusable, reconditionable and recyclable.
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